Nickos Lestas

Nickos Lestas – Artist

Nickos was born in Reading in the early 1960’s, from Cypriot parents and brought up in Bromley until his late teens. He then went to university in East London and stayed there until the early 1990’s when he moved to Northern Ireland. Nickos has had a very wide and varied career in Business, Education and Politics and is the Honorary Consul for Cyprus in Northern Ireland. His interactions with his world are depicted in his abstract paintings that draw on his varied experience.

Every painting has a context that he brings to life using colour and emotion. His art is not literal because he has learned that nothing is what it seems and the context behind his paintings is as important as the art itself! That’s why behind every painting is the story, usually set within an emotion or happening of the time in which he lives!

Nickos Art draws from his own varied experience using vibrant colours and strong shapes and tackles the issues of our time and emotions of the moment in an upbeat and visually pleasing manner. 

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