Time After Time

The concept of Time is not irrefutable, its assumed. its logic is not without doubt and the perception of it only exists because we have nothing better to replace it with!!

Time may not be linear, it may not be equal. What then?

Time After Time

I saw the loss in their faces as they came to speak to us.

We're told time is linear, there is a past, present & future. 
They tell us each day is divided into 24 equal hours. 
Each hour divided into 60 minutes and each minute into 
60 seconds. But what if they're wrong?

What if time is not linear, just imagine that it stretches 
and wanes, gets longer and shorter and even stops!

Do you remember your school days as a child? 
The years stretched into infinity. 
Summer holidays seemed so lazy. 
Each lesson lasted a lifetime.
Now think of the last 30 years as an adult? 
speeding past like an out of control locomotive. 
Relationships, marriage, children, career - 
moving so fast it merges into one! 

Have you lost someone close to you? Time just stood still. 
Those initial days of dragging out the pain and sorrow, 
each second feeling like and hour!

So there is the proof! Time is a swirling vortex that is in a 
relationship with our memories and our experiences. 
It ebbs and flows, reflexes and contorts as it wants, toying 
with the accelerator and brakes of our lives.

Don't wait for your time, the right time, next time. 
Because time is now!!

by N. Lestas

May 2020
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