Black & White to Colour

Illustrated with my painting ‘The Eye of God’ because thats the enormity of the responsibility of becoming a parent and how unprepared we are for the way it will affect our lives and yet its beauty and wonder is unparalleled!

Becoming a parent fills me with Awe and Wonder!

Black & White to Colour

I saw the loss in their faces as they came to speak to us.

Our world changed the day you were born, little did we realise
It was another day for others, but for us it was remarkable
For us it was a seismic shift from Black and White to Colour
Our DNA joined, came to life & our reason for living explained

The first days were chaos, a sea of 'what ifs' and 'how to's'!
We didn't know it then, but that's one of life's constants
As you've grown each grown each question is a new challenge
Each chapter bringing something new & the love always growing

Time changes when you're a parent and there is no 'manual'
It's not about Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer, year upon year
It's more about growing, walking, talking & becoming a person
The path untrodden, learning as we go, our future in free flow

When you tread your future, remember us, the roots left behind
For we are still here, your anchor & blueprint of who you are
I pray we've nurtured you well and given you the right skills 
For we know very soon, your life will change too, from 
Black and White to Colour!

by N. Lestas

23rd June 2019
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